Утюг philips azur 4200

Утюг philips azur 4200

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Информация по оборудованию

Philips Azur 4200 GC4250 Железо
Модель: Azur 4200 GC4250
Дата: 2003
Категория: Главная Электроника
Группа: Железо
Описание: Steam Iron

PRODUCT INFORMATION Features — Electronic Iron (Digital Display) — Color : Black — Careeza soleplate — Steam output (40 gram/min) — Shot Of Steam, SOS (95 gram/min) — Vertical SOS — Spray feature — Tank capacity (340 ml) — Cord winder — Cord length (2.4 m) — Drip stop feature — Anti-calc feature — Self clean feature — Auto-Shut-Off (ASO) feature — Safety light — Soleplate storage cover Safety Information — This product meets the requirements regarding interference suppression on radio and TV. — After the product has been repaired, it should function properly and has to meet the safety requirements and legal regulations as officially laid down at this moment. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Voltage : 220 — 240 V Frequency : 50 — 60 Hz Power : 2000 — 2400 W Dimension (F-box) : 328 (L) x 143 (W) x 181 (H) mm Weight : 1.7 kg (include soleplate cover) Water Advice Suitable for tap water use. Advice to mix with equal portion of distilled water or use only distilled water if the tap water is very hard. Self Clean When the self clean button is pressed, a sudden release of water into the soleplate loosen Scale particles by thermal shock. These particles are then fl ushed out through the steam vents by the water. Careeza Soleplate Careeza is a multi-layer chemical substance that gives an excellent gliding effect and better care for the garment. Vertical Steam When the Iron is kept in a vertical position, the SOS button can be used to Iron hanging fabrics such as curtains. Anti Drip Water is only released into steam chamber via the tank valve when the soleplate temperature is high enough. If the temperature is too low, the tank valve is closed by means of a bi-metal disc. Auto-Shut-Off The power to the heating element is cut off when the Iron has been motionless. The “Auto-Off ” pilot light starts blinking. When the Iron is moved, it is automatically switched on. Safety Light A bright LED built into the water tank stays on as long as the Iron is plugged into a power socket. The LED light, obvious from anywhere in the room, remind user that the Iron is on.

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SENS 850 Series
Руководство по техническому обслуживанию

Руководство по техническому обслуживанию

Philips — Azur 4200 GC4250 — Руководство по техническому обслуживанию
Ручной тип: Руководство по техническому обслуживанию
Страниц: 4
Размер: 198.99 Kbytes (203769 Bytes)
Язык: английский
Руководство ID/номер:
Дата: 01 Июнь 2003
Качество: Электронный документ, ни сканирование, очень хорошо читается.
Дата загрузки: 01 Февраль 2017
MD5: a8e74a7c30e7263b8f0274456e6cff87
Загрузки: 399 начиная с 01 Февраль 2017
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