Клик тест на клавиатуре

Клик тест на клавиатуре

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Online Keyboard Testing

Is your keyboard causing problems while typing some buttons? so, let’s make a keyboard test online to help you find keypad that is not working. A normal day; you’re pressing keys on your keyboard, typing things out and on it goes. Suddenly, one of the keys show no outputs. Does that scare you a little?

Whether you’re a day-time typist or an avid coder who stays up at night, you are well aware of how essential a keyboard is to a computer. Every now and then, you’re forced to write stuff be, be it a message, or a note. A key that doesn’t work is not a sight you’d love to see.

Now, before throwing this keyboard out in the scrap, it’s better to test it out first. And, here’s where this nightmare stops. To help you test your keyboard, there are hundreds of testers online which can check every key from the escape on your left to the "enter" on your right!

Before we get on to it, let’s take a quick look at what an actual keyboard tester is and how you can use it to understand the problem at hand better.

What is a Keyboard test online?

Put, a keyboard tester tests the keys on your keyboard. Well, what good can come out of testing keyboard keys, you may wonder. It’s a fact; electronic components can be a little sketchy when it comes to trusting them.

Now, be it a new computer keyboard that you’ve just bought online or from a local store, testing all keys work correctly is the first task you should do! Well, what better way to test all keys than a visually elusive tester that can show you all about the keys?

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Although you’re one search away to finding the Internet filled with keyboard testers, how can you pick the best tester for yourself? Well, to help you save time, we’ve curated a list of some of the best keyboard testers there are, and we’ll get to it in no time.

Now, before we move any further, let’s see how these keyboard testers operate as it might be a variable in how we choose the best possible keyboard testers online.

How Do Keyboard Testers Work?

Usually, you’d have to travel miles to the closest maintenance store and get your keyboard checked, whether it’s new or not. With this modern software and testing suites just minutes away, you’ve cut the hassles in half.

Most of these keyboard testers work on different algorithms and testing factors to see whether a key is operating as per its instructions or not. An effortless check would be to know the time a key takes to produce the desired output, especially from the time of the first keypress.

Not only that, but these testers take into consideration several typing styles. A person who’s a gamer might use the keys quite differently as compared to someone who’s a stenotypist. Fast or slow, these testers know it all!

Apart from these typing techniques, a few keys on a keyboard are usually used very less often by standard users. Shift, Control (CTRL), and Function (FN) are some of these keys which are used in combination to produce a unique result.

Also, keyboard and other electronic components are gravely impacted by failures around them. So, if we say, the "A" key doesn’t work as intended, the neighboring keys might be faulty in near time as well. Test all these keys out, whether or not you use them as it might cause a useful key to be blown.

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That brings us to our final discussion about some of the best keyboard testers there are.

Which Online Tester to use?

As already mentioned, there are tons of online tools devoted to this purpose. Here are a few of the most used ones:

  • KeyboardTester.com
  • en.key-test.ru
  • keyboardchecker.com


Hopefully, we’ve given you enough information to save you a trip to the electronics store and get a quick look at whether or not your keyboard is faulty. Keyboard testers online are a blessing, and there’s no denying that!

Q: How do I reset my keyboard?

Press "Alt" + "Shift" at the same time, it is going to reset your keyboard default setting. Or press "Ctrl" + "Shift" keys simultaneously, if the above method did not work. These two methods can be used to reset the keyboard.

Здесь можно бесплатно и без регистрации проверить работу всех клавиш на клавиатуре ноутбука или стационарного компьютера.
Нажатая кнопка подсвечивается красным, отжатая — серым. Если цвет не меняется — клавиша неисправна.
Для корректного определения клавиш, используйте английскую раскладку клавиатуры!

Как проверить клавиатуру ноутбука, как проверить работу клавиш, что делать если на клавиатуру попала вода?

Онлайн-сервис проверки клавиатуры KeyTest позволяет наглядно убедиться в том, исправна ли клавиатура вашего компьютера или же часть клавиш работают неправильно или не работают вовсе.
Открыв в браузере сайт keytest.ru можно сразу приступить к тестированию, никаких программ скачивать не требуется.
Начинайте последовательно нажимать клавиши, те кнопки, которые в данный момент нажаты, будут отображаться на экране красным цветом. Уже протестированные — серым (значит ранее кнопка была нажата, а потом отпущена, значит она исправна).
Если ещё до начала тестирования на экране есть клавиши красного цвета — они, скорее всего, замкнуты (вероятно залиты водой), а клавиатуру придётся менять. Если при нажатии одной кнопки красным помечаются две или больше — это так же говорит о неисправности клавиатуры ноутбука.

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Клавиатура ноутбука обычно выходит из строя из-за попадания в неё жидкости.
Не стоит пользоваться ноутбуком мокрыки руками, из-за этого влага может попасть внутрь и замкнуть токопроводящие дорожки.
Чаще всего такая клавиатура нуждается в замене, починить её врядли удастся.

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